Email Cloaker

Better email address protection

A huge portion of the spam you receive is the result of spambots scanning web sites, email signatures and newsgroup posts for email addresses. is an easy pattern for them to look for and so-called "encoded URLs," besides offering no real protection, can't be used in email messages or newsgroup posts. You need to have contact information available, but providing it leaves you vulnerable. What can you do?

Cloak your email address!

Instead of an identifiable email address, change it to a website address that's easy to use and impossible for spambots to steal. Try it! The link below is a cloaked address; click it and watch Email Cloaker decloak it and address a message.

Now enter your email address in the field below and get your own free cloaked address that spambots cannot harvest. Paste your cloaked address into your web pages, email signatures, and newsgroup posts to disguise your email address while keeping it fully functional.

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You will be asked to confirm your email address before your cloaked address becomes available. We will never provide your email address to anyone except in the process of decloaking it.

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